What is tempered glass and how to choose it?

Summary:1.Tempered glass=explosion-proof glass??? Tempered glass ≠ex...

1.Tempered glass=explosion-proof glass???

Tempered glass ≠explosion-proof glass

Tempered glass is made out of high temperature and cooling. Its effect is that when it is cracked, it will not hurt people like ordinary glass, it will break into a grain of grain. It’s a safe glass for life.

Explosion-proof glass is a kind of special glass that is lined with wire or special film.

The bending strength of tempered glass is 3~5 times that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5~10 times that of ordinary glass.


But tempered glass is commonly known as glass bomb. It has a three-thousand-percent self-detonation rate.

Don’t worry.

The self - detonation of tempered glass usually occurs when temperature is not controlled. After molding, toughened glass does not usually implode.

Only the corners of the tempered glass are hit,it is possible that it will break. But it is just broken into granule fragments, unlike ordinary glass.

Explosion-proof glass has high safety performance, it is 20 times that of ordinary float glass.

When it is hit by a hard force, it will only crack, the glass will remain intact, the touch is still  smooth and without hurting anyone.

2.How to choose tempered glass?

(1)Find the 3C sign.

State regulation, tempered glass must have 3C sign, so the simplest method is to see if have 3C sign.


You can also go to the official website of the China quality certification center. Choose”Certificate Inquiry”

(2)Distinguish 3C sign from authenticity.

The 3C sign on tempered glass is made of high temperature ink and is printed on the glass by screen printing. In the process of glass steel, the high temperature ink is fused with the glass surface. So the mark on the glass will not be removed without hydrofluoric acid(Even using hydrofluoric acid would leave a clear trace).

We can use a knife to scrape the 3C sign. If the mark is easy to scrape off,it is false.

(3)See the surface of the glass.

Side look at the surface of the tempered glass and the surface has obvious regular stripes. Unlike ordinary glass.

(4)Wear polarized sunglasses.

With polarized sunglasses, you can see that the tempered glass has colored stripe. If it’s not tempered glass, you can’t see the stripe.

(5)See the flatness.

In tempering process, the glass will soften, and the flatness will be worse because of the roller bed.

Place two pieces of glass face to face together, look at the long side of two glass, see if there is a clear gap between the long side of the glass.

If there is a gap, see if the gap is a certain arc. If it is, the glass is tempered glass.

(6)See the glass with optical glasses.

See glass with optical glasses in the sunlight, if it's tempered glass, it looks dappled.

(7)Cut a piece of glass.

You can use sharp objects scratch the edge of the glass (It’s best the choose the place to not see in the future).

If it is easy to scrape, the glass is untempered. If the surface is hard,and it’s difficult to scratch, indicating that the glass has been tempered.

(8)See the glass distortion.

Stay at about 50cm from the glass surface,look at the glass and slowly move your gaze. In your lateral move, if a distant object bends or deforms after the glass refracts, it could be tempered glass.

(9)How to determine the tempered glass steel is unqualified.

After the tempered glass is broken, the particle size is strictly standard, and the number of particles should be 50 to 80 grains in the range of 50mm* 50mm.

If the particles are too large, the tempered glass is unqualified.


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