What is the size of the shower room?

Summary:The setting of the shower room must not only take into accou...
The setting of the shower room must not only take into account the activity space, but also have to consider the overall pattern of the bathroom. Here are some suggestions for the shower room size:   Width of shower room Generally, the width of the shower room is about 0.9 meters * 0.9 meters. If the family members are fat, they can be set wider. Mainly suitable for family members, but preferably not less than 0.8 meters * 0.8 meters.   The height of the shower room The height of the shower room is mostly 1.8 meters to 2.0 meters, and the standard height is set to 1.95 meters. It is more suitable for the position of the shower. If it is too low, it will easily splash out. If it is too high, it will hinder the appearance and affect the ventilation. Sex. Distance between shower and heating equipment In order to make the shower more comfortable in winter, many families will install a heater or bathroom heater in the bathroom. If it is a side-mounted device, it is best not to put it in the shower room or close to the shower room glass to prevent moisture. If it is hung on the ceiling, it depends on the size of the bathroom. In a small space, the heating equipment should be placed in the middle. It does not have to be placed in the shower area. If the space is large, you can put it in the middle of the shower area, try not to face the shower, the glass of the shower room, otherwise not only can not achieve a good heating effect, but also easily cause product aging or self-explosion. Shower size considering overall bathroom layout   The size of the family shower room can theoretically be set to an infinite size according to the size ratio, but the actual situation is not the case. In the actual shower room design, the layout of other sanitary ware in the bathroom space must be taken into consideration, so as to leave space for other items. The minimum size of the shower room should also be determined by the user. For the square shower room, the minimum size of the shower room can be customized by you as long as you need it. If the fan-shaped shower room is used by adults, the general size is 900*900㎜, If you don't consider the comfort level, the minimum size of the fan-shaped shower room can be 800*800㎜, if it is small, it can't be used. Shower room style   Currently there are three types of shower rooms on the sanitary ware market, namely diamond, square and curved. These three forms of shower room are designed to facilitate the installation of the shower room without wasting bathroom space. This design will turn the bathroom space into an overall shower room. The overall shower room needs to consider the entire bathroom space in a comprehensive manner, including the layout of toilet products such as toilets, bathroom cabinets, towel racks, etc., in order to design a reasonable bathroom space. Will not affect future use.
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