Why is the stainless steel shower room better customized

Summary:The stainless steel shower room is a bathroom product with t...
The stainless steel shower room is a bathroom product with traditional and modern characteristics. A reasonable division of the bathroom can achieve better results. Therefore, from a practical point of view, not only the use characteristics of the bathroom are more obvious, but also under the premise of technical assurance, the strength of the comprehensive performance is also more obvious, especially the new materials are widely used in the design of the shower room. The shower room is divided into two categories: simple shower room and overall shower room. Simple shower room has a font shower room, diamond shower room, fan-shaped shower room, non-standard customization, etc. Easy shower rooms are more common. The product is customized according to the actual situation, and its simple function is to isolate the splash in the shower room area and separate the dry and wet. The overall shower room can well realize the multifunctional performance of the shower room, and the degree of customization is generally low.
 The non-standard customization of the stainless steel shower room is an obstacle to separate the separate bathroom space. Its basic function is to divide the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. Most simple shower rooms will be customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom. Therefore, more different shapes and styles can be achieved. The stainless steel shower room we often say means that the frame material of the shower room is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel material has many different material grades such as 304, 202, 201, etc. The regular manufacturers all use the material of SU304. The frame material of the stainless steel shower room is generally made of stainless steel sheet by pitting and bending. The thickness of the sheet is generally 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, etc., which are determined according to different use positions, for example, the wall material is general Use 0.7 or 0.8 plates, and generally use 1.2 plates for track materials. The thicker the material, the better, and the right one is better. Because of the technological reasons, the dimensional accuracy is not high, the stainless steel material is very hard, and the elasticity is insufficient. If the plate is too thick, it will bring great difficulty to the later installation and maintenance of the shower room. The appearance of stainless steel is bright and atmospheric, which is in line with the trend of modern design; but its use environment is also required, and it will also produce rust spots when it encounters strong acid and alkali; because its surface finish is very high, it is necessary to maintain its long-term beautiful appearance. Maintenance and care are also essential. At the same time, due to the insufficient bending flexibility of stainless steel, it is recommended to use glass glue at the junction of stainless steel and glass to do enough fixing treatment.
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